About Maisons et Chalets à Louer

Cottage life is in our nature!

Founded in 2005, Maisons et Chalets à Louer is located in Richmond in the Eastern Townships. With over 250 cottages for rent in Quebec, we are pioneers in the management and rental of cottages. Our human team is multidisciplinary, oriented towards customer service, hospitality and management.

We are here to advise you in the choice of your cottage to rent, according to your needs. Whether it's for a romantic weekend or a week with friends and family, we have the tools to find the perfect place for you. Whether it's a cottage in the forest, a cottage by the water or a cottage for your group, we have the one that will meet your expectations. Thanks to our vast choice and our professional team, you will easily find the cottage rental of your dreams for your next stay.

You own a cottage for rent and you want to make it profitable? The team at Maisons et Chalets à Louer is here to offer you a professional service and we are certain that we will be able to help you achieve your goals. If your property meets our standards, our team will be proud to have you in our agency as a cottage for rent.

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By ensuring tenants an efficient and pleasant customer experience thanks to a unique and human service, our mission is to make profitable the properties of our partners. to do this, we offer a personalized short-term touristic rental management service to owners of houses or cottages in Quebec. 



To be recognized as a file manager in our sector thanks to our personalized and human service while improving the customer experience. 

To be a benchmark employer known for emphasizing the autonomy, competence and well-being of its team members. 

To be a recognized leader in seizing business opportunities, creating value for our partners and constantly to innovate. 




Because benevolence is the central element that conditions transparency and trust, we implement a working method that promotes mutual assistance, respect and well-being of the team. It is important for us to create a climate of security to support initiatives and new ideas while encouraging openness in relation to questions and concerns. 


In constant search for improvement, we continually try to push our creative limits to find innovative solutions, improve our processes and offer a unique experience to our customers and partners. Believing that people make all the difference in service, we listen to employees and their ideas. 


Encouraging benevolence and creativity within our organization, we remain responsible for our actions and decisions. We are committed to protecting people and property of our customers as if they were our own. In a climate of mutual trust, we take responsability for the consequences of our actions and work with the common goal of providing quality service.


Each member of our team is important and contributes to the achieving of a common goal. We prioritize our team's success and collaboration over individual success as we need each other to be successful. Mutual aid, solidarity, integrity, diplomacy and tranparency are at the heart of our philosophy. We are united by the common desire to achieve excellence.



By the proximity that we create with our customers and partners, we are able to develop trusting and quality relationships based on respect and listening to each other. Customer satisfaction and experience being at the heart of our priorities, we strive to create lasting relationships through the personalization and humanization of our service. 


Since 2018, Maisons et Chalets à Louer is proud to be a part of a ' carbon-neutral ' approach via Arbre-Évolution (www.calculcarbone.org) in favor to reduce its ecological footprint.

Maisons et Chalets à Louer is proud to be among the finalists of the 2019's Gala Reconnaissance Estrie.

Chalet à louerChalet à louer