Privacy policy

Use of personal information provided by users

Maisons et Chalets à Louer is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and to informing them clearly about our privacy protection policy pertaining to the collection and use of personal information provided to us. In order for a user of Maisons et Chalets à Louer to make full use of the features on our website, including reserving and renting houses and cottages online, Maisons et Chalets à needs to know the user’s name and to collect certain contact information. Access to this information is limited to a small number of employees and managers of Maisons et Chalets à Louer solely for use in performing their duties.

Confidentiality of your personal information

Maisons et Chalets à Louer is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of its clients. Personal information is therefore protected by security measures that are appropriate for this purpose. Maisons et Chalets à Louer. uses the personal information provided for legitimate purposes, specifically to identify users, to manage the reservation and rental of houses and cottages, and to process rental payments. In order to ensure that their personal information on record is accurate, complete and up to date, users are encouraged to inform Maisons et Chalets à Louer of any changes that need to be made. Personal information is kept on record only as long as necessary to complete the purpose for which it is intended.

Online payment data

All credit card information obtained during online transactions is collected and kept secure through appropriate measures taken by third parties specialized in online monetary transactions whose services have been retained by Maisons et Chalets à Louer. None of this information is stored on servers belonging to Maisons et Chalets à Louer.

Disclosure of your personal information to a third party

At no time shall your personal information be made public, sold or communicated to a third party without your consent other than in accordance with the terms of a legal obligation (to provide evidence in a legal proceeding or to respond to questioning, a request for documents, a subpoena, an application for investigation in a civil case or any other such procedure by order of a competent court, or in order to comply with applicable terms imposed by a government organization or other regulatory authority or with any other such legal obligation).

Maisons et Chalets à Louer reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. Maisons et Chalets à Louer will receive and follow up any complaint lodged with respect to the application of this policy. Such complaints should be forwarded to Maisons et Chalets à Louer.